¿What is self-consumption?

It's time for self-consumption.

COVIMED SOLAR develops solar installation projects for both homes and industries. The new legislation favors the use of self-consumption systems that allow energy to be generated on site and consumed directly. In addition, we also develop isolated facilities for homes and remote industrial activities (farms, extraction wells, irrigation,…).

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Our technical department will help you define which photovoltaic installation is the most appropriate to avoid unnecessary expenses and achieve maximum efficiency in the designed solar installation.

¿Why choose Covimed Solar?

COVIMED SOLAR was founded in 2002 and since then we have worked on the development of lighting products using solar energy and the installation of photovoltaic plants for sale to the grid, self-consumption and isolated. We work only with high quality and most innovative equipment in the sector, our team of experts will guide you in the best solution.

  • Produce your own energy
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Fast payback
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Energy and economic savings