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International Cooperation

Cooperación internacional 1

COVIMED SOLAR, as a manufacturer of solar lights and solar lighting equipment, is recognized as an Authorized Provider for the UN and its various agencies (UNHCR, UNESCO, FAO, UNGM...)

Our solar street lights and lighting kits COVIMED SOLAR have been set in refugee camps and cooperation projects managed by UN agencies and national and international NGOs for health, education or equipment .... Solar COVIMED lights have been installed in different countries all around Africa: South Sudan, Sudan North Saharawi people, Benim ...

Cooperación internacional 3
Cooperación internacional 2


COVIMED SOLAR develops solar street lights, lighting autonomous kits and lighting kits for individual and family use. All of them adapted to the needs of each project, easy to use, durable and economic

Distribuidor oficial de la ONU

UN Authorized Distributor