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Covimed Solar

Covimed Empresa

 Covimed group

COVIMED SOLAR is a company with a strong environmental vocation in all related solar-powered lighting products, focus on sustainable development

As a company created in 2003, we have a long experience in the field of solar energy, which makes us a leading company nationally in the design and manufacture of solar streetlights

International dimension

The international vocation of the company makes us be present in many countries where our solar street lights and lighting kits have been installed, carrying out projects adapted to the different technical requirements of the region and country where they are located

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary technical team will allow you to make a proper decision for the development of your project or idea, giving advice on models of solar lights and adequate powers. We can make lighting studies to determine the best distribution of solar lights

Quality and innovation

The constant search for quality is an ongoing goal in COVIMED SOLAR work as well as constant innovation by last generation LEDs and equipment. This characteristic makes solar street lights COVIMED as the best choice for the development of many projects, both public and private. Our lights are more and more a product fully integrated into towns and cities

Sustainable development and land Management

COVIMED as environmental engineering, both active in renewable energy and environmental consulting for companies and municipalities (environmental impact, landscape studies, acoustic, waste management, emissions, ..) contributes to sustainable development of territories