COVIMED SOLAR has opened new facilities of over 5,000 m2 of exhibition in Central America in Mexico, according to its continuous international commercial initiatives. More information.


Solar lights

solar lightsCOVIMED SOLAR has a wide range of solar Street lights and solar garden lights designed for different lighting requirements. Solar lights contribute to archive environmental sustainability through the responsible consumption of energy.

The company has been making during the last years a great effort to reduce energy consumption using renewable energy. COVIMED SOLAR lights are an alternative to conventional sources of energy and they can generate clean energy, in a permanent and autonomous way.

Solar street lights

Solar Street lights are designed for lighting urban spaces according to its height, lighting capacity and autonomy. Different models can suit different requirement of each Project. As those lights have all its components in height robberies and vandalism are minimum.

The instalation of COVIMED lights in urban spaces shows the public the image of an administration committed to the environment. Solar energies made citizens aware of sustanaible development, and moreover solar lighting is also a cheaper and more attractive way of lighting.

Solar garden lights

COVIMED SOLAR offers a wide variety of models of solar garden lamps designed for different needs and houses. Solar garden lights can light walkways, gardens or outside spaces economically and ecologically, without needing large and expensive facilities.

Solar garden lights are a solution for everyone commited for the environment. In this way we can make our small contribution in the use of clean energy in our daily lives.







Covimed: Solar lights, Engineering and consultancy.

consultoria tecnica

COVIMED is a company founded several years ago with great experience in environmental consultancy and engineering. We have worked both for public administrations and private companies in a lot of kinds of projects (land management, renewal energies, sustainable development, etc) More information in ENGINEERING AND CONSULTANCY

Latest News:


COVIMED model VILLA P have been installed along more than 4km in Medina del Campo along a bike path. With this installation has been achieved the enhancement of the facility for people enjoyment with no additional cost for Administrations.


COVIMED SOLAR is committed to improve continuously its products for maximum energy efficiency with minimal environmental impact. That is why the effort of the company has allowed the incorporation of new generation LEDs of high performance in all COVIMED lights. The new LEDs have RoHS and CE certificates.